Getting to grips with the Discord Developer Webpages

The Discord Developer Portal enables you to quickly and easily share your games, bots, and also other applications to the Discord platform. The new great way to get your creations seen by Discord users, helping you grow your community.

Getting going

Before you can start employing the Discord Designer Portal to create your application, you will need a Discord account and a token gain access to it. We recommend that you make use of a secure security password manager for storing your tokens, because they are highly hypersensitive and should not be shared with anyone.

Bot Tokens

The bot expression is a distinctive OAuth2 expression that the app uses to authenticate while using Discord API. It holds all your bot user’s permissions, and so make sure to retailer it someplace safe (like a username and password manager).

OAuth2 Accord for Dispatch

Once you have your app ready to use in the Discord client, it could be time to install it on your web server and ask it to your team. You’ll have to check the Control Server permission box on your Discord consideration to be able to do this.

OAuth2 Entrance Connections

The servers apply websocket associations for mailing and receiving current events from your app, which are sent with the Discord Gateway. These connections will be persistent and stateful, although there are a few factors your application should do to hold them start and operating correctly.


The Discord Gateway sends routine heartbeats on your app in order to let it know that it continues to have a connection available. Each heartbeat interval is a length of milliseconds (see Opcodes and Status Codes for more information).

Privileged Intents

Verified software must allow privileged intents in their settings prior to they can use all of them. Unverified apps can use privileged intents while not approval, but actually will visit the site ought to apply for them after their particular verification status changes.

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